I think I can finally admit that what I like most about my doll collection is
stripping them from old faceup, sketch on them with graphite, than play with
Photoshop. Playing with possibilities and committing to none.

After that my dolls will gaze at me from their closet and it will be quite a
while till I'll actually do something with them, changing my mind another
million times probably.

And so, my closet and shelves slowly being filled with graphite heads, half
modded heads, sculpted limbs and torsos, experimental eyes, and they all
resting there with this promise of what they could have been. I just love to
look at them thinking…"yes, one day I will finish you, one day I will have
the time"… but to be honest with myself, the dolls that I did finish tend to
bore me after a while, I just love my unfinished dolls.

Head: limhwa half elf dreaming
Body: LaDoll