Another WIP ??? Seems all I do is "work in progress" lately, I only WIP,
never finish…. I start something, get excited and soon as it doesn't go the
way I want, I put it aside and start another, it's basically been one step
forward five steps back, I can hardly call that a progress ^^
But….these two girls are my main focus right now and I am committed to
finish them, I really love them in this raw and promising state of white clay
and sketching marks, still full of possibilities...

Oh, this one is soooo hard on me, I keep on changing her all the time….
I even changed her a bit more after I took this picture….don't know when
will be the point I'll scream "stop !!!!!!"


Jamey Stevenson said…
Omg I absolutely love these and keep coming nack to them. Have you finished them? If not, do you sell them in raw form like this?